Moving Boxes on Moving Day

20 Tips to Help Make Moving Easier

Whether you're moving across the street or across the country, moving can be a hassle. But there are proven ways to minimize stress, confusion and damage when you leave one home for another.

If you're contemplating moving to a new house or apartment any time soon, here are 20 ways you can make the move easier:

Tip #1: Friends or professionals?  Make your arrangements in advance.
Whether you have friends to help you move or decide to hire professionals, make your arrangements several weeks ahead of time. Even a DIY move may mean renting a truck or arranging for short-term storage.

Some apartment communities have relationships with select moving companies that offer discounts, so check with your new community office to see if this is an option. Just remember, which ever route you choose, the longer your lead time, the less chance of a snag.

Tip #2: Consider using moving containers.
Moving containers, or "pods," are fundamentally big crates you fill with your stuff. On moving day, the entire container is picked up by a truck and taken to your new location. If you have room outside your current house or apartment to store a large container for several days as you pack it up this can be a major convenience. Check with your leasing company or homeowner’s association if this is an option. Also check with management at your destination to see if such containers can be conveniently delivered.

Tip #3: Start Packing Well in Advance.
Waiting until the last minute to pack is a recipe for disaster. Start with little-used, decorative and seasonal items, saving the functional "must-have" items to pack for the very end.

Tip #4: Sell or donate unused clothes and household items.
Moving is a great time to "clean house" by staging a garage sale, putting rarely-used items on Ebay or Craig's List, and making donations to your favorite charity. You'll not only end up with less to move, but you'll have some extra cash in hand as well.

Tip #5: Use clothes to wrap fragile items.
Bubble wrap is expensive. So use your clothes to wrap dishes and other breakables. Put glasswear inside clean socks.

Tip #6: Stack plates on their edges.
Speaking of dishes, if you're packing plates in a box, insert them vertically like vinyl records. They're a lot less likely to break that way.

Tip #7: Pack stemware glasses upside down.
Placing stemware upside down puts all the pressure on their large rims instead of their fragile stems.

Tip #9: Pack in layers.
When boxing up mis-matched items, pack in layers. Put the heaviest items on the bottom and the lighter ones on top. Put crushed paper on the bottom of each box for cushioning.

Tip #10: Make sure each box is packed solid.
Boxes shouldn't rattle and items shouldn't shift inside. Also, make sure each is sealed tightly.

Tip #11: Put your "first use" items in clear plastic bins.
The last items you pack will probably be the first ones you unpack. Pack these "first use" items in clear plastic bins so you know exactly what and where they are.

Tip #12: Mark each box by destination.
Put all kitchen items together. Likewise, pack living room items and bedroom items together. Mark each box accordingly. Using different color tape to color-code destinations will make it even easier to properly target the boxes when you reach your new home.

Tip #13: Number your boxes.
All done packing? Now number the all boxes and record the total. This way you'll know quickly if any box goes missing.

Tip #14:  Vacuum seal clothing.
Buy vacuum seal packs for your clothes. Squeezing all the air out of your clothes will help you cut down on the number of suitcases/boxes/containers you have to transport.

Tip #15: Save your hardware.
You may need things like brackets, clamps, screws and other hardware for any curtain rods, mini-blinds, shelves, etc. that you're taking with you. Pack these in plastic ziploc bags and identify them clearly with an ink marker.

Tip #16: Photograph the backs of your electronics.
Re-wiring all your computers, televisions and sound systems will be a lot easier if you have a photographic guide that shows you which plugs go where.

Tip #17: File a "Change of Address" form with your local post office.
This is something you should do at least two weeks before you actually move.

Tip #18: Keep important papers with you.
If you have important documents like legal papers, addresses, contracts or passports, put them in a single envelope and carry it with you when you move.

Tip #19: Pack an overnight bag with all your personal essentials.
Even if you're just moving next door, you should have an overnight bag with all your personal items — and a fresh change of clothes — so you'll be ready to function the next day.

Tip #20: Take pictures of your empty apartment.
If you're renting, take pictures of your old apartment just before you leave, as well as your new apartment before you move in. This will provide solid photographic evidence in the event of property damage or security deposit disputes.

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Cool list of tips, I must admit. I'm moving house soon and I'm searching the internet for all kinds of tips. I'll definitely use your list. I absolutely agree you should start packings as early as possible and I personally have always been a fan of doing things myself.

I think it would also be a good idea to arrange parking space as close to your property as possible. Here in the UK and in London, if I have to be more exact, we have strict parking restrictions. If you haven't arranged parking space close to your house and your moving van just parks in front, you're bound to get fined.Also, I just stumbled across another blog post full of moving house tips They advice on moving in the middle of the week instead of Fridays and weekends. I think they might have a point knowing how traffic can get in my neighbourhood.

This article is very informative, and it gives some really good advice on how to make moving less stressful. My sister and I are moving into our new apartment next month, and I can't help but be excited.

These tips sound very useful. I plan on using them when I move in the next couple of weeks.

It's really important to keep the screws with whatever they hold to the wall as well. I lost the screws for my bookshelves last time I moved, and it took me forever to find them. I had to go through every box, and I couldn't unpack until the shelves were together. This time around I'm sticking the bag on with duct tape. Thanks for all the great tips!

Great note, Ashley! We're glad you liked our tips.

Thank you so much for sharing this article! I am going to move to another apartment and I should start packing all of my stuff. You helped me a lot with these tips! Thank you so much!

That's great to hear, Louise! We're glad to help. Happy moving!

Marking which room a box belongs in helps so much, especially for your helpers. They won't have to come to you with each box and ask where it goes. Stacking plates with paper or plastic plates in between them is another great way to protect them AND it's a lot easier than wrapping them. Thanks for the great tips!

The moving containers are actually great idea! I used them last time and I must say with the proper packing everything should be just fine! They were very big, so I didn't need my, and they are more eco-friendly too!

Get organized early. Avoid leaving anything until the last minute. Figure out your move strategy and pick the right transportation, removal company.

I learned to stack plates on their side and it was a lifesaver for sure. Thanks for the great tips! I wish I had them a few months ago.

In everything we do, be able to get ready in advance. These specific tips are quite useful.

Moving with pods sounds interesting, but is it really better than moving the old fashioned way with a van? You have to pack all your items anyway. Putting all your boxes in a large pod is not much different than putting them in a large van. The only difference is you get to keep the pod for several days whereas the van you have to return after you're done. In my opinion vans are the better choice. At least you can get over with your relocation the very same day. If you have a pod you'd spend the next several days knowing there's still boxes to be put in your house.

I'd also like to share a tip about parking. Arrange parking space close to your home for the moving vehicle. This goes both for your present, soon to be old house and the new one you're moving in. Here in London, UK movers are charged by the hour. If the drivers can't park the van close to your home, the movers would need to cover more ground just to load and unload all the boxes. This will take more time and increases the chances of something getting dropped.

Ensure you have a store of essentials for the first night in your new house. On moving day you are going to be too busy during the day to even think about going shopping for food, drink and toiletries (or at least a take away menu). Pack a box of essentials for the first night and make sure you label it clearly so you can find it. Don’t forget to put the kettle, coffee and tea bags to one side so you can keep the removals team happy with a cuppa.

Extremely helpful article! I am moving at the end of the year and will follow your tips. Thanks for sharing

Avoid leaving anything until the last minute. Unless you have to pack up and leave in a hurry, chances are you have between 30 and 60 days to make a plan and ensure that moving day runs smoothly. Create a countdown list and itemize everything you need to accomplish week by week. And don't forget- Movers and packers service is nowadays very much popular and helpful also. They provides best services for moving goods from one place to other place using big van. Applying well organization and planning you can easily manage moving.

This article is really useful for people who are moving out,especially the first timers.If you have any pets then make sure that they visit your new house with you a few times so that they become familiar with the house and its neighborhood as moving to a new place and adjusting there is also difficult for them.
For a working professional its easier to hire a moving company as it will make moving less time consuming and less stressful for them.

Great list of moving tips..

very easy n useful tips you share

wow such a wonderful tips good job

i wanna appreciate you & thanks to you for these superb tips.

My husband and I have moved around so much this past year that we are pretty much pros when it comes to all the arrangements. We have had friends help us in the past, but going with moving companies has seemed like a better option. I really like your tip about taking pictures of the back of electronics. We did that with our last move and we were able to get everything set up right in time for the NFL playoffs.

Very tricky & usefull tips. This article will definetly help me while shifting to new apartment. I'd also suggest, when you change your residance keep everything separate in a catoon & labeled them. Like take a catoon & put all the things of living room only & label as "Living Room." This trick will definitly help & make this less hectic.

Yap these tips are great. Personally I am a professional mover and I can really tell you these tips will help even the first time movers. Better still you can sit down with your moving company and work out a convenient plan that makes the whole process easy. Top class companies will help you to address any concerns and leave you with an awesome moving time.

your tips are simply good.

Great tips! Thanks!

These are some really great tips for anyone planning a major move in the near future. I really liked your point about making arrangements and plans for whoever will be helping you, be it friends or professionals, well in advance. It is usually a much better idea, especially when hiring movers, as you can often get a better rate if you book well into the future. Thanks so much for writing!

Great article. It is always advisable to contact specialist who can safely transfer our belongs from one place to another.

I really like your tip about taking pictures after you move out completely in case anything is broken or damaged. My husband and I are looking for a home to rent in the next few months and we will be moving out of out apartment as soon as we can. It seems like being prepared with pictures to make sure that everything goes smoothly would really help with the transition. Thanks!

That's a great number of tips you have provided. I feel like creating a checklist even before we pack our stuff is really important. Once we have ticked all the items on our list , it's reasonably satisfactory that most of the things have been covered.

I personally suggest creating a list from a couple of months before so that those less frequent things also get some notice.


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