5 Cool and Simple Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

Image via Jennifer Chalt

We’re only a month out from summer, which means you need a game plan for your battle with the warmer months. Creative ways to deal with heat are especially important for apartment residents because of shared walls and often fewer windows. This can allow trapped hot air to continuously cycle through your building as it gets even warmer (ah!). So whether you’re lucky enough to have AC or not, these simple tips can help you keep cool in your apartment this summer. Bonus, they’re easy on you bills!

1 | Skip the Oven. Forget the oven and stove because if the temperature is above 80, you’re not turning them on. Instead eat foods from the fridge like salads and wraps. Two of my favorite cool down foods are melon and cucumber, which also have high water content.

2 | Experiment with ice cubes and popsicles. Our “Beat the Heat” Pinterest board is overflowing with chilly ways to use your ice cube tray. Have you ever made aloe ice cubes to cool down your sunburn? Making popsicles and ice cubes is a fun activity for kids too.

3 | Sleep on Cotton. When it comes to sleeping in the heat, one hundred percent cotton sheets will keep you the coolest. If those don’t do the trick, find a cool place to sleep that’s closer to the ground. Many people prefer hammocks and bamboo floor mats.

4 | Get out. Especially if you don’t have air conditioning, your home is not the coolest spot. Escape the heat by hang out somewhere with air conditioning. Once the sun is lower in the sky, head to a pool, lake or beach to end the day.

5 | Focus on Your Feet. Soak your feet in cool water with a little peppermint oil. The peppermint oil can produce a cooling sensation throughout your body. You can also apply a cool, damp cloth to your neck and wrists.


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