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5 Mobile Applications to Replace Your Handwritten Shopping Lists

Nowadays, there’s an app for literally everything and anything.

Take shopping lists as an example. Even though it might be simpler to write your shopping list on a piece of paper, sometimes it’s just more fun – and arguably more productive – to find the app-equivalent.

Below are five Android/iOS-supported apps (sorry Windows Phone and Amazon Fire) that you can use to bring your shopping list along with you.


Evernote allows you to take notes, snap pictures and record audio, all of which are easily accessible from both your phone, tablet and computer. Offered as a mobile application, online website and desktop software, entries into Evernote can be typed up at home while you’re brainstorming your dinner recipes and viewed almost instantaneously from your mobile device through instant synchronization.

Entries can be sorted in journals and through metatags which allows for a number of different organizational options – examples include individual journals for ‘kitchen’, ‘bedroom’ or ‘bathroom needs’, or keeping one big journal for ‘shopping’ alongside your ‘to-do’ and ‘dream log’ journals.

As a further step, whether or not you may need this functionality, Evernote comes in three different prices – Free, Premium and Business. While I have been able to get by just on the free option, Premium and Business allow for advanced organizational features, collaborative options and business-level presentations. For our purposes though, the free Evernote option offers more than enough.

Overall, Evernote is a solid application for whatever purposes you might need it for.


Google Keep is another option that encourages simpler lists and pictures through their Post-It Note-type layout. As is with any other Google-based application or service, Google Keep synchronizes and saves everything you’ve entered through your Gmail account, meaning instant synchronization between your mobile device and the web-based platform.

It lacks a downloadable platform option that Evernote has to offer, but given that most things are handled through the web and cloud nowadays, this may be a negligible loss of an option for you. Likewise, notes are entered into one big pool as opposed to several smaller subcategories, but are sorted by color and can have notifications to alert you of any pressing or time-sensitive notes you have may have entered.

Whether you’re a supporter of Google and its numerous products and services, Google Keep is another strong option to replace your pen-and-paper shopping lists. Google Keep, like the rest of the Google world, is a free application.


Next up is, which offers, in addition to obviously taking notes, arguably the cleanest user interface with its minimalistic design. does technically does not allow for entries longer than one line – Call your boss, Buy milk, Walk the dog – but it’s the simplicity of the design that makes a strong contender for your choice of application. offers mobile and web-based synchronization in addition to being a Chrome-extension which allows another level of integration. pairs strategically with the company’s other application, Cal, which is a calendar application. Cal updates with your entries which help if you need the extra visual for time-sensitive tasks. If you’re in need of a to-do list that offers both function and design, should be one to consider and is another free-only option on this list.


This application should’ve technically gone first on this list, given that it’s an application that presents itself literally as a notepad specifically for kitchen necessities. While the functionality of Out of Milk is no different than any other task or note-based application, the overall style and presentation make it feel much more relevant to maintaining your grocery lists than the other applications.

Out of Milk is another straightforward, cloud-based application that syncs with the web-based platform, allowing users to create a list online and find it on their phone within seconds. With the ability to share lists with friends and family and scan barcodes for competitive pricing without needing to upgrade to a premium account (though there is a pro account which just nets you colorful themes and widgets for Android), Out of Milk seems almost too good to pass up if you’re looking for something that is dedicated specifically to your grocery lists.


Finishing off this list is an application I have not personally had a lot of experience with but has earned a shout-out due to its high-praise and dedicated userbase. Once again offering seamless synchronization between mobile, web and desktop platforms, Wunderlist allows you to make your list at home and take it on the road.

Wunderlist also offers a social-media angle with its software, allowing interaction between other Wunderlist users – you can send files to other users, send messages via the internal texting features, and publish public notes and lists.

Wunderlist offers free and pro versions, the pro version allowing less restrictions on file sizes and cloud storage. There is also a business version which allows for multiple users on the same account with high levels of visibility on updates and tasks via the activity center feed. This might be a bit much for simple shopping lists, but in the slight chance your need for milk sparks a business idea, Wunderlist might be a good option to consider.


If you don’t want to download any additional applications or you’re short on phone space, another quick and easy trick would be just to text yourself what you need! But seriously though, do consider one of the five aforementioned applications. They’re excellent tools for productivity, both for shopping lists and other endeavors, and you’ll be sure to find one that provides exactly what you need.

Is your favorite application missing from this list? Let us know in the comments below. Happy shopping, apartment-goers! 


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