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New Years Eve Party Ideas

Looking for some fun and festive themes for your last minute New Years Eve party? We’ve got some great suggestions for you for any NYE get together, big or small.


All Around The World Party


This is the runaway favorite here at Rental Living. Guests or couples pick or are assigned a country in the world and bring a dish, dessert, or drink from their adopted country for the night. If everyone really wants to get into it, guests can even come dressed as their country (keep it tasteful, of course!). Not a bad way to get festive and ring in the new year in the most multicultural way.

Celebrity 2015 Party

For those who are topical and in-the-know when it comes to the latest current events and celebrity news, this theme is going to be right up your alley. Come dressed as your favorite celebrity or public figure of 2015; we have a feeling there will be a lot of Donald Trumps and Justin Biebers in attendance. Minions also had a pretty big year in 2015 as well! There’s a lot of opportunities to get creative with the outfit and the decor.


High School Party


Why not focus the theme on one of the most remembered times, for better or worse, in nearly everyone’s lives? Guests come in dressed as if they’re still in high school (depening on what that four year window is for you and your friends). We know you still have some of those clothes. Or maybe it’s your old, wild hair-do that you bring back for one night. Don’t forget to get that music playlist going; remember, throwback james from when you were in high school ONLY. We’re thinking everyone can have a little fun with this blast from the past party idea. If you’re still close from people from high school, this can be a fun and creative way to reminisce about “the good ole days.”


Decade Party


In keeping with the nostalgia motif, this theme hones in on a particular beloved decade. Pick your favorite decade, 60’s, 80’s, 90’s whatever it is, and come dressed in the fashion of the times. Much like the high school party, a music playlist is key! Even the food and drinks can even be retro, provided you can still find them out there. Regardless, it's all about catching the spirit and feel of the times. Zima anyone?

Practical Joke On A Friend Party

So this is something we saw in a Halloween Party earlier this year but it’s definitely still doable for a New Years Party. Everyone picks the same friend in their group and comes dressed as him/her! In case it doesn’t sounds like much, but check out the beautiful execution, and where we drew inspiration from, here: Imagine showing up to a party and everyone there is dressed like… YOU! Great and easy way to play a fun joke on someone.


Black and White Cocktail Party


This one is a little cliche but we’d be remiss to not include it in this list anyway. For those looking for a more formal party… or just an excuse to throw that black-and-white cocktail attire on, this is the theme for you. Class it up with the attire and the decor as well, keeping the napkins, plates, centerpieces, etc. strictly black and white. These parties also make for really good group pictures as well.

Casino Night Party

Bring a little Vegas feel into your New Years Eve party with a Casino Night theme. Decorate like it’s a Las Vegas casino and get a little Black Jack or Texas Hold ‘Em going to get everyone engaged. There are also companies that offer rentals for Roulette and Craps tables if you really want to go all out. It’s Vegas fun without dealing with the jacked up rates and holiday traffic!


Did we miss a theme you'd like to see on this list? Comment below! If you're looking to make a move in Orange County, San Diego, or the Silicon Valley area, let our apartment search help you.


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