San Diego Ice Cream Spots

San Diego Ice Cream Spots

image via: Kimberly Vardeman

Nothing complements the heat of summer quite like a delicious frozen treat and an ocean breeze. So just in time for summer, we’re sharing our favorite San Diego spots for ice cream and other frozen treats. If you live in San Diego, chances are you haven’t tried all of these 11 shops, and if you don’t, it might be time to plan a trip for a weekend of ice cream tasting.

We did you a favor and separated our list into 3 categories: ice cream, gelato & frozen yogurt, and frozen treats.

Ice Cream
MooTime Creamery
Have you ever heard of dessert nachos with tortilla-shaped waffle chips? If not, you probably haven’t stepping inside MooTime Creamery. This shop has a fun retro feel, and the ice cream is classic.
Fan favorite: the sundaes. 

Expect meticulously crafted homemade ice cream and nothing less at Mariposa. We think it’s because of the high quality ingredients and slow process.
Fan favorite: Mexican Chocolate. 

This Hawaiian-made, gourmet ice cream shop offers a trendier environment. It’s loved for the adorable ice cream flights where you can get six mini ice cream cones with different flavors.
Fan favorites: Kona coffee. 

Calexico Creamery
Under the radar compared to our other picks, Calexico Creamery isn’t a shop at all but a Mexicana-inspired trailer. They offer bold, unique flavors like blueberry bourbon.
Fan favorite: Mixed opinions, so why not try them all?

Gelato & Frozen Yogurt
This little gelato paradise is situated in Little Italy, and you can just taste the authenticity. Let’s just say, the owner at this small Italian shop sure know what he’s doing!
Fan favorite: Pappalecco, of course!

Chocolat Cremerie
People don’t just flock to this spot for the gelato, but also the crepes. Don’t worry you can have your crepe with a side of gelato!
Fan favorites: Dark Chocolate, Mango & Pineapple. 

Bobboi Natural Gelato
Superb gelato is tucked inside the frozen bins of this sleek La Jolla shop. With an ocean view just outside, you can enjoy your sweet treat with a sea breeze.
Fan favorite: Mediterraneo. 

Rockie’s Frozen Yogurt
For delicious frozen yogurt piled so high you’re afraid it may tip over, look no further than Rockie’s. Tip, all sizes hold much more frozen yogurt than you could imagine! Fan favorites: Irish mint and strawberry shortcake. 

More Frozen Treats
Baked Bear
You can stick to the classic cookie sandwich or switch it up with a donut sandwich at Baked Bear. Either way you’ll go home full off sugar and satisfied.
Fan favorite: Build-your-own ice cream sandwich. 

Dole Whip
Most of us have had them, some of us obsess over them, and nobody can deny that they’re a summertime treat. Belmont Park is your go-to spot for Dole Whips in San Diego.
Fan favorite: The classic.

Lighthouse Ice Cream & Yogurt
If you thought cookie sandwiches sounded good, let us introduce you to the waffle sandwich. No trip to Ocean Beach is complete without stopping in. Fan favorite: Blueberry waffle with blueberry cheesecake ice cream. 

If your ice cream addiction makes it intolerable to live too far away from any of these locations, you might want to move a little closer. It’s a good thing we have apartment locations throughout San Diego! Begin you’re your search on our San Diego Apartments Page.


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