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Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, are you in need of some date ideas for February 14th? We’ve got some general Valentine’s Day ideas as well as specific suggestions for the greater coastal California area on what you can do for this special day of the year with your significant other.



Picnic on a beach/lookout - If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it right? As cliche as it is, there is a reason why a nice picnic at a beach or lookout never fails. It’s simple but it still requires a little bit of effort and planning if you want to do it right. Pack a homemade meal and dessert, and maybe even some wine. If you really want to go big, bring a candle or two to set the mood. Just don’t forget the matches or a lighter! Make sure you do some reconnaissance and scope out a perfect spot a little more secluded, away from the big crowds.



Do it for the Instagram photo - Let’s face it... in today’s world your dates are only as good as the Instagram pic you can get to capture the moment. Here are some great date locations to snap some seriously sweet photos; LACMA (LA, pictured above), The Getty Villa (Malibu) and nearby Santa Monica Pier, Sunset Cliffs (San Diego), Japanese Friendship Garden (San Diego), Inspiration Point (Newport Beach), or Lick Observatory (San Jose).



For those of you looking to have a good drink on Valentine’s Day, there are a plethora of great options for you throughout California. We’ll share some of our picks but make sure you plan ahead and make reservations if necessary. Here are our picks with a romantic touch: wine tasting in beautiful wineries throughout Temecula, beer tasting at Rancho Las Lomas in Orange County (a unique area with wild animals like Zebras and Tigers, pictured above), Stone Brewery in San Diego (beer garden area is quite romantic if it isn’t too cold outside!). Another great idea is one of the many speakeasys that exist in SD, OC, and LA.  Obviously, we can’t name any names (they are called speakeasys for a reason, do some research!), but there’s something charming about that feeling of exclusivity after pushing through a hidden wall to get through to an awesome bar.  



Reliving the past - Regardless of whether you and your significant other have been with each other for a long time or are a brand new couple, it’s always fun reliving the past with one another. Weave in a “where it all began” aspect to the date. For example, if you met in high school or college, maybe you revisit your old campus stomping grounds and reminisce. Check out some of your favorite spots where you spent the most time together.  On the other hand, maybe you first met somewhere in public, like a coffee shop, head there! Or you make a reservation at the same place you had your first date. Whatever the case may be, revisit it and rekindle some that old romance!



Exercise/Active - So you and your significant other like doing things together and being more active. A scenic hike is a great way to be active while making some meaningful memories. Most trails have a spot or two with breathtaking views or serene environments. Another option is kayaking or paddleboarding; these activities are great to do with another person and nearly anyone can pick it up quickly. We suggest doing any of these activities during dusk or dawn to maximize the romantic effect and great views.

Escape games - Nowadays, escape games are all the rage. These are for the couples who enjoy a little mental challenge with a touch of theatricality. You’re locked in a room with several clues and a finite amount of time to solve them all in order to escape. Usually, each room is decked out with the corresponding theme of the puzzle think a bank vault for a bank heist, for example. It’s like being thrust into the middle of an epic Hollywood movie and it's also a great way to spend time with your significant other in a fun, collaborative way.



Hot air balloon ride - This one’s got a little bit of everything. Great views, it's romantic, and definitely something a little more unique, we’re sure this is something any couple can enjoy (if you aren’t afraid of heights that is). Hot air balloon rides typically take place at sunset or sunrise and some tours may even provide champagne and breakfast. If you’re looking for something a little different or extravagant, give a hot air balloon ride a shot.



Staying in - If you and your date don’t want to fight the crazy crowds or are just more introverted in general, there is absolutely nothing wrong with staying in and having a nice, quiet night. Try tackling a new recipe for a meal you’ve never made together. If it turns out fantastic or horrible, it will still be a fun night to remember. Don’t forget to break out the candles and nice plates and silverware. Cap the night off some drinks and maybe a movie and board game.

Making dinner reservations - Just like there isn’t wrong with staying in and keeping it simple, there isn’t anything wrong with making dinner reservations outside. In our opinion, we’d probably stay away from making reservations at a place you both have never been to before. Too much can go wrong in our opinion and since usually restaurants hike up their prices on Valentine’s Day, you want to be sure you’ll get a good meal. Stick to what you know and love. It’s a safe bet.




Did we miss any Valentine’s Day date ideas? Let us know if you’ve got suggestions of your own! If you’re looking to make a move to any of the areas we mentioned before, be sure to check out our Apartment Finder Orange County, Apartment Finder San Diego, Apartment Finder San Jose, or Apartment Finder Santa Monica.


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