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Unique Apartment Amenities

Many of our listed apartment communities include stellar amenities – resort-style swimming pools, welcoming lounges with fireplaces and fitness centers are only the beginning. But some of the communities go beyond the basics, WAY beyond the basics. So we want to take a minute to introduce you to the UNIQUE amenities that some of our listings offer.

Wine Rooms

So maybe there isn’t a wine cellar in your apartment, but the next best thing is a location on the property for you to throw your annual wine tasting party. The wine rooms are used for community hosted events and can be rented out by residents.

Properties: Newport Bluffs, River View, Crescent Village, the Park at Irvine Spectrum Center, Los Olivos

Salt water pools

So many of our apartment listings have on-site salt water pools that they might as well be considered essential. You won’t have to worry about green hair and chemicals once you move into one of these properties.

Properties: Park Place, The Village at Irvine Spectrum Center, Cypress Village, Palmeras, Esperanza, Portola Place, The Park at Irvine Spectrum, Anacapa, Orchard Hills, Crescent Village, Marbella, The Enclave at South Coast, Serrano, Los Olivos, Mirasol, Stewart Village

Spin or yoga rooms

Perhaps our favorite unique amenities are spin and yoga rooms, making working out fun and convenient. Keep in mind that these rooms come in addition to the standard fitness centers.

Properties: The Village at Irvine Spectrum Center, The Park at Irvine Spectrum, The Enclave at South Coast, Las Flores, River View, Crescent Village, The Sycamores, Park Place, Los Olivos

Theatre Room

It will always be movie night at your place if you move into one of the above properties. Most theatre rooms can seat 20-30 people on comfortable couches. They can be reserved by community residents.

Properties: The Park at Irvine Spectrum, Santa Rosa, The Enclave at South Coast, Rancho Santa Fe, Crescent Village, The Villas of Renaissance, Monte Vista, The Village at Irvine Spectrum Center, Torrey Villas

Dog Parks

You can find a park anywhere, but a dog park is another story. Choose one of these pet friendly apartments, and you won’t have to take your furry friend far to go play. It’s the best way to meet other pet-loving residents.

Properties: Gateway, Placentia Place, Del Rio, Cherry Orchard

Car wash area

One chore that proves tough in apartment living: washing your car, but not at these apartments. Give your car a quick bath in a designated car wash area, located right at your property. 

Properties: Berkeley & Columbia Court, Cross Creek, Deerfield 

Poolside towel & refreshment service

It’s only available at one of the properties, but it’s entirely worth mentioning. With poolside refreshment service you can skip the walk back to your apartment for a water bottle because someone is already waiting with one ready. Forgot your towel? They’ll take care of that too. 

Property: The Colony


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