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Where to Beat the Heat This Summer

With each passing summer, it seems like it keeps getting hotter and hotter... but running the A/C for the better part of the day can get pricey real fast. Something has to give. Get out of the house or apartment when the heat gets unbearable as an alternative. There are places you can stay cool for free or relatively cheap at the very least. Here are some places where you can beat the heat this summer.

The Beach | Where to Beat the Summer Heat

The Beach

The sand and surf is a place you can easily spend the entire day instead of being cooped up in a hot apartment. You'll still be in the sun but it will be significantly cooler than your home or apartment, especially if you live inland. On top of that, you have refreshing ocean water to cool off in. The best part of the beach is that it's free save for any parking fees.

Villa Siena Apartments Resort-Style Pool

The Pool

If you're lucky enough to have a pool in your apartment or condo community, you won't need to go far to find a place to cool off. Lounging by the pool for the day is a great alternative to running the A/C especially if you don't want the hassle of having to get in the car and drive somewhere far.

(Villa Siena Apartments resort-style pool pictured above)

Bookstore | Where to Beat the Heat This Summer

The Library/Bookstore

It's no coincidence that in our offices that most of the reading that gets done occurs in the summer time. Pick out a good book or magazine at your local library or Barnes and Noble and park yourself there for a few hours and enjoy the A/C. If you're not much of a reader, you can also hit the library and bring your laptop and a few DVDs to mellow out for a while instead. We've definitely done that before once or twice. No shame here.

Ice Skating Rink | Where to Beat the Heat This Summer

An Ice Skating Rink

An ice rink is probably the coolest place to be in the summer, literally. There aren't a lot of things more refreshing than the feeling of first walking into an ice cold rink after being in the sweltering sun. Beat the heat by getting out on the ice for a few hours. Public skate sessions aren't too expensive and it can be a fun activity to do with friends or a significant other, especially if you've never ice skated before!

Movie Theater | Where to Beat the Heat This Summer

The Movies

There's something about going to the movies in the hottest days of summer that brings us back to our childhood. Maybe because we learned this summer beat the heat hack from our parents. The movie theater is an air conditioned oasis that you can spend a few hours or more in especially if you see more than one film. Just make sure to, you know, pay for every movie you see. Sneaking into movies is very uncool... we've never, EVER dont that before.

Shopping Mall | Where to Beat the Heat This Summer

The Mall

The mall is another place to head to relieve yourself of hot temperatures. Maybe not so much if you're a shopaholic... but for everyone else, you can get away with spending the hottest parts of the day at an indoor mall for free just by window shopping. But hey, you may even find a solid bargain and that is just another plus.


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