Apartments in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is known by many as the tech capital of the world with world renowned companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, Nvidia, and more all calling the area home. The region accounts for at least 1/3 of all of the venture capital investment in the US and is home to over 4 million people. Residents and commuters enjoy excellent public transportation, which makes getting to San Francisco and other areas of California easy.

The Silicon Valley moniker was first coined by an entrepreneur in the early 1970s but only became widely known and used in the 1980s with the success of IBM and other computing companies. The universities in the surrounding area like Stanford, UC Berkeley, and others have and still are playing a vital role in making Silicon Valley the strong and robust technological capital that it is by providing the area with a constant flow of astute graduates who are passionate about technology.

The area even has a sitcom that revolves around the lives of six programmers who are attempting to get their startup off the ground floor and in to the major leagues like so many before them. 

Silicon Valley is a great place to live for both techies and people who enjoy the great outdoors. We've featured some of the most luxurious Silicon Valley apartments. If you’re interested in finding an apartment in Silicon Valley, check out the apartment communities below and find your future home!

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