Carmel Valley

Carmel Valley is attractive to apartment residents as it is centrally located with quick access to all points throughout San Diego. The average commute time for area residents is just 22 minutes.

Carmel Valley is one of San Diego’s newest neighborhoods. Formed in 1975, this upscale, master-planned coastal community in San Diego’s northwest corner, is designed as a place to live, work and play.

The demographic is young and family-oriented with a median age of 37 and 95 percent of residents under the age of 65, with 31 percent of those under 18. The area is prized for its award-winning schools.

In its master plan, Carmel Valley attempted to reduce sprawl by confining development to the mesa tops, leaving the canyons untouched. Nearby Carmel Mountain is the last undeveloped coastal mesa in Southern California. Planned development centered on an urban core surrounded by decreasing residential densities, where higher density residential areas were traded for increased community open space. Recreational options include a plethora of neighborhood parks, a community recreation center, athletic clubs, golf, and the nearby world-renowned beaches at Torrey Pines and Del Mar.

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