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The Best UCI Off Campus Housing | Rental Living

image provided by studentcenter.uci.edu.

Top Luxury Apartments in San Diego | Rental Living

San Diego, dubbed "America's Finest City," is a great place to live. And if you're going to live in America's finest city, why not live in luxury? There are many luxurious options in SD but here are our top picks for the best luxury apartments in San Diego.

Luxury Apartment Mission Valley | San Diego | Rental Living

Orange County has long been touted as one of the best places to live in the country, maybe even on Earth.

How To Rent An Apartment | Rental Living

There are obvious things to consider when choosing what apartment to rent; number of bedrooms, floor plan, square footage, etc. Apart from the apartment itself, there are some key aspects to consider that you may easily overlook especially if you're a first time renter. For apartment-renting veterans, the following list may consist of no-brainers. However, for all of you renting rookies and novices out there, you’ll thank us for offering this list to you. Trust us, these are KEY aspects you’ll need to consider before signing a lease:

Unique Apartment Amenities Graphic

Many of our listed apartment communities include stellar amenities – resort-style swimming pools, welcoming lounges with fireplaces and fitness centers are only the beginning. But some of the communities go beyond the basics, WAY beyond the basics. So we want to take a minute to introduce you to the UNIQUE amenities that some of our listings offer.

9 Surprising Facts About Moving Infographic

America has always been a country on the move. Literally. From the country's founding on, America's population has been in constant flux as people search for new opportunities and improved ways of life. So we put together an infographic to share 9 Surprising Facts about Moving in America today.

Pen and Lease Agreement

Leases contain page after page of fine print, so do they really expect you to read all of it? We're listing a few reasons why you need to read your lease from start to finish.

Best Places to Live in San Diego | Rental Living

Here are our top choices for the best places to live in San Diego (or nearby), depending on the criteria you consider most important.

Rent or buy? It is a question many Orange County apartment dwellers ponder every year, and most don’t factor for commute times when they decide where to live next. Living in an apartment is great for a variety of reasons, but the most obvious is – Location, Location, Location. Homes and neighborhoods tend to be further away from the business centers of Irvine, Costa Mesa, and other business locales. Apartments on the other hand, are generally within close proximity to business districts, which means you will enjoy shorter commute times.

California residents enjoying beach and pier

Forbes has published its list of the coolest cities to live in and guess which state ranks supreme?