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New Years Eve Party Ideas | Rental Living

Looking for some fun and festive themes for your last minute New Years Eve party? We’ve got some great suggestions for you for any NYE get together, big or small.

Need some ideas for what to

Outdoor Games

Having a summer get together soon? Here are some suggestions for fun, unique outdoor activities to play at your next party.

Thanksgiving is almost here and if you’re like us then that means you haven’t planned anything, and you’re just looking forward to taking a few days off in your apartment home and sleeping in! That said, it is probably time to at least think about some side dishes to go along with your turkey. To get you in the holiday mindset we have some Thanksgiving facts and recipes for family favorite side dishes.

5 Games to Try

You’ve heard the scenario once before: “You’ve got a party planned for tonight at your apartment, but how will you entertain your guests?” Unlike other party hosts, you are interested in providing a level of fun more exciting than Tic-Tac-Toe and Checkers. With a little investment, that level of fun is just within reach.

Cranium Party Game Box

Having some friends over to your apartment this evening? Here are some suggestions of fun party games to try with your guests on your next get together.