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Pets for your apartment

So you're looking into getting a pet to keep you company, but what animals are best-suited for apartment living? Here's a list of animals — and breeds — that tend to do best in the confines of modern apartment living.

Making Your College Apartment Feel Like Home

Living in a college apartment can feel like living in a hotel for nine months out of the year but it doesn't have to if you put in a little time and effort to bring bit of home to your new place. The great thing about living in an apartment is that it isn't permanent, but at the same time it also causes many renters to become complacent in terms of making it into their home.

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If you live in Orange County and you don’t have a dog, well you’re missing out on a lot of great excursions and fun that can be had. But if you do have one, then you know the great weather and beautiful surroundings makes OC a great place to spend time outdoors with your furry pal.

Dogs on the beach in San Diego

San Diego is known as one of the most dog friendly areas in California. Check out these 14 dog-friendly attractions in San Diego.