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5 things to do in San Jose

Here is a solid list of things to do in San Jose whether you're a long-time resident, San Jose renter, SJSU student, out-of-towner, or anyone in between!

Catch a San Jose Sharks game (pic via

Mother's Day Brunch

Mother’s Day is fewer than two weekends away, which means you’re already a little late at booking your brunch reservation. So check out these hot brunch spots in the San Jose area, and see if you can snag a brunch reservation to give your mom a special Mother's Day surprise.

Farmers' Markets in San Jose Image

There are many reasons why San Jose is one of America's healthiest cities. One of those reasons is the city's list of farmers' markets. We've rounded up a few San Jose farmers' markets for you to visit on the weekends.

California residents enjoying beach and pier

Forbes has published its list of the coolest cities to live in and guess which state ranks supreme?

People waiting on a train platform

At the heart of Silicon Valley is a thoroughly networked public transportation system with numerous options to move both within the valley and out of it with ease. From the VTA to the BART, residents who might be looking for a greener alternative to driving their own vehicles have a handful of distinguished choices.

Below are your top options for public transportation in Silicon Valley:

A Farmers Market

There’s a lot of reasons to choose to make your home in California, but it could also be good for your health! We take a look to find out why.

A Silicon Valley Shopping Venue

Check out our picks for top places to shop in Silicon Valley. These seven spots are sure to deliver on unique shopping experiences. Get out and find the best deals.

Downtown San Jose

Here's a quick look at the best places in Silicon Valley to call home. From the best schools to the best rental rates, we break it all down.